IamA waitress at Twin Peaks, a breastaurant and Hooters biggest competitor, AMA!

I have visited this location many times for beer and food with an upbeat environment thanks to the friendly Hooters girls. The beer is always cold and refreshing while the food is always passing with no major complaints. The standout of this Hooters is Sophie who along with her outstanding english presents herself as a smart and professional member of the Hooters team. Sophie’s service is top notch not just in this particular location but in my overall experience visiting restaurants. You are guaranteed a pleasant Hooters experience with her at your service here at Hooters Nana. The music is average, but the open aspect of the restaurant provides a nice view of Nana Plaza. The air conditioning has been broken a few of the times I have visited and with the open patio it is terribly hot, the customers don’t seem to enjoy it and I can’t imagine how the staff must feel working under those conditions.

Would you date a Hooters girl?

This week, a pair of small studies about women who work in restaurants like Hooters made the rounds in the media. The researchers who conducted the studies suggested that women who work in these so-called “breastaurants” suffer from issues like depression, body image issues, and job dissatisfaction as a result of the sexual objectification that they’re exposed to at work. To get some color on what it’s really like to wear those Hooters girl booty shorts, Cosmopolitan.

Title says it all. I didn’t ask for it. She’s been my waitress a couple of times and we’​ve shot the shit when she has been. Went to eat there with .

Hooters reminds me of Red Square They did a great job with the girls they recruited, very fun, open-minded and easy to talk to What’s the point to “review” every shitty bar, hotel, restaurant, etc. At some point it’s just all the same thing, no? This site reeks of the little guy with no life at home and who once in Asia can’t stop sexpatting all over the place.

It’s like this guy won’t find peace until he has stepped foot in every hotel, bar, brothel and restaurant of the whole country and describing the whole thing in the slightest details for his sexpat friends.. Talk about human frustration I’ve noticed the French are the worst sexpats, totally obsessed with fucking everything they can. Must have really not life in their home country. I always reject them and tell my girlfriends to avoid them. Well, aren’t you the original sourpuss?

If you don’t like bar reviews, why bother reading them all?

Would you date a hooters girl or not?

The Santo Domingo Hooters experience is not to be missed. The staff is so friendly and willing to make your visit worth while. Cathy Ms.

Sure I would. Why wouldn’t I? I mean for starters it’s really just a job. I mean granted a job where you wear tight T-Shirts and pants but – Dating Question.

Note: Love confessions? We promise to keep you anonymous. The worst is easy… douche bags. Expletives where thrown and my manager was called over, but at the end of the day my manager sided with me. It worked and they lost. We have tricks to make it seem as if we all have big boobs. My go-to is to wear two Very Sexy Victoria Secret push-up bras and then stuff the empty space with socks. It makes me look like I have a solid D.

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Hooters Waitress

Hooters sucks. I pissed off a Hooters Waitress. Her angry email to me Funny Rants, Twisted Humor. I pissed off a Hooters Waitress by me, HogWild. A Hooters Girl saw my rant and took the time to email me the scattered words in her head that she calls thoughts.

Has anyone ever dated a Hooters girl? – Page 2. 6/15/ · I went to hooters last night, had a hot nice waitress. My friends and i.

So my question is.. Would you date one? When I say “date,” I mean to pursue them exclusively. Feel free to discuss why or why not. Depends if she has a short skirt and a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong jacket. If I like her personality, and think she’s a deep person. Most girls have more skin showing when they go to the beach than when they dress up in a Hooters outfit.

If she becomes a follower of Jesus and quits her job then yes. Otherwise, no. It’s not like she’s a prostitute or anything, she’s just making an honest living as a waitress. Is being attractive enough to get a job at a place where waitresses are required to wear short shorts not exposing or selling their bodies in any way, mind you some sort of sin?

Hooters Take-Out

I eat at Hooters a lot and I want to ask one of the waitresses out on a date. I wanted to know how many guys have sucessfull asked a Hooters waitress out on a date and she said yes. I ask this question, because I heard not a lot of Hooter’s waitresses will date they’re customers. All the cute, sane ones have boyfriends.

She was with Luke before he was famous. When Hocking and Male Vocalist of the Year Combs started dating in , he was the definition.

By MailOnline Reporter. A year-old from Washington, DC, has opened up about what it is really like to work at Hooters, the restaurant chain famous for its scantily-clad waitresses. Claire Burgess , unemployed and on her way to Tennessee, decided to apply for a job at Hooters after stopping in for beer and buffalo wings, where she found everyone to be ‘very friendly’.

Scroll down for video. Claire Burgess , unemployed and on her way to Tennessee, decided to apply for a job at Hooters after stopping in for a beer and buffalo wings, where she found everyone to be ‘very friendly’. In a candid essay, Miss Burgess opens up about the uncomfortable uniforms, the big tips, the ‘pervy’ and angry men, and their — at times — even angrier wives.

Though the famous spandex uniforms are ‘extremely unflattering’, Miss Burgess says there is an opportunity to make ‘much more than at your average restaurant, all in a laid-back and fun environment’. Families, blue collar workers, and ‘down-on-their-luck’ men who are ‘angry at women and the world’ meant mediocre tips ‘at best’.

Asking out a Hooters waitress.?

I would want to work there because I have the right qualifications and I could earn good money. Yes this is true but you can do better things, more intelligent things like work in a law office or with a financial trader. Its just going to be a way to show off your assets and get guys to oogle you than respect you as a person. You are too important for that.

Times are tough right now, dude. Take it from me, I work at a government job and work pretty high up.

spoke with a former Hooters girl to find out what she wishes she’d In any other restaurant, you wouldn’t ask the waitress why they work there, because you’d The Best Dating Sites for Single Parents.

I can’t really answer the second part, but as for the age gap – my boyfriend is 7 years older than me. I was 19 when we got together and I’m 22 now, and it’s almost never a problem. It only really comes up in conversation if he’s talking about childhood memories – I tease him about music and stuff being “before my time! Seven years normally isn’t a big deal, however, if you are an immature eighteen and the other person is a mature twenty-five, there is the possibility of things not working out because of it.

It really just depends upon the maturity level of both parties. I would highly caution you against dating customers. I did that once, prior to working at Hooters. Though the first date went well, subsequent ones did not. As the guy knew exactly where to find me, however, and was friendly enough with the other servers to find out when I worked next, I was essentially stalked for a while. Since then, I have been very firm on not dating customers.

Former Hooters Girl;

In the episode, Wendy breaks up with Stan , causing him to spiral into a deep depression. The boys, in an attempt to make him feel better, take him to Raisins, a parody of American restaurant chain Hooters. Meanwhile, Butters becomes invested in a relationship with a waitress at Raisins. The episode was written by series co-creator Trey Parker. Though he and the show’s writing team had the concept of Raisins, it took several days to fully develop its story.

They were unable to begin work on the episode until six days before its airdate.

Hooters of America, LLC Employees of any of our Hooters Franchise partners: please contact your direct supervisor for information on where to Date of Visit.

I am twenty and have worked over a year at Twin Peaks, and at one of the busiest locations. I am also in college. Thanks so much guys, I had lots of fun. View History Share Link. That is going off a simple formula.. Usually, they’re just guys there to hang out, drink beer, and watch a game. Obviously, not the most moral clientele but I think the fact that they enjoy twin peaks shows the people are laid back and fun. Yeah, I went on one date with a guy but mostly just because I didn’t want to turn him down.

Some really cool and attractive guys come in, I wouldn’t not date someone just because I served them at Twin Peaks.

Would you date a Hooters girl (or similar waitress)?

What everyone else thinks of Hooters girls versus what it’s actually like to be a Hooters girl are two very different things. Some people really do come to Hooters for the food , but mainly because it’s cheap. Being in a place like Hooters makes people feel like they can let their guard down and ask us whatever they want. In Hooters, it was a very common question and made sense as to why they’d want to know because it’s not your usual waitressing job.

I was being cordial with the Hooters girl, at the end when she brought my check, she asked for my phone number. I have it to her thinking she.

Women that are working get hit on all the time. It might happen to someone in that situation up to fifteen times a day. So basically I will lean in, all serious, like it is a very serious conversation. And whatever the circumstances:. I am not an idiot, you need to hurry up and figure that out so we can live happily ever after. So how do I separate myself, give me a hint. Should I stand in best in the best way? And I go out of my way to never give her a millimeter of love during that process, which is very important.

Hooters Employee Reviews

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Keith A. Boyd School of Law. For what seemed to be a simple contract dispute, Berry v. Gulf Coast Wings Inc. Former Hooters waitress Jodee Berry sued her ex-employer for breaching its promise to award a new Toyota to the winner of an April sales contest. Berry alleged that her manager, Jared Blair, told the waitresses at the Hooters where she worked at the time that whoever sold the most beer at each participating location during April would be entered in a drawing, the winner of which would receive a new Toyota.

As the contest progressed, Blair allegedly told the waitresses that he did not know whether the winner would receive a Toyota car, truck, or van, but that she would have to pay any registration fees on the vehicle. In early May, Blair informed Berry that she had won the contest. He proceeded to blindfold her and lead her to the restaurant’s parking lot.